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Ging Chip

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Ging Chip is a tangy, tongue clicking product that is a digestive and an appetizer. Natural ginger processed with rock salt and citrus to give it a very acceptable taste on chewing. A piece of Ging Chip stimulates the salivary glands and releases saliva (sialagogue) that aids in digestion with amylase a salivary enzyme. Apart from benefits in digestion, Ginger as such, has been attributed with many benefits in Ayurveda like lowering cholesterol, as a blood thinner, for arthritis etc., which have all been extensively reiterated by modern scientific research. We recommend 1-2 pieces of Ging Chip to be consumed before food as an appetizer and after food to aid in digestion.

2 reviews for Ging Chip

  1. Ganesh Tapadiya (verified owner)

    very much good experience

  2. Abhishek Patel (verified owner)

    Excellent taste

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