Dhanvantara Taila


Dhanvantara Taila

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Dhanvantara Taila is a classical preparation from the Ashtanga Sangraha.

It’s external application is used to treat Vata Disorders. Convulsion, diplegia, hemiplegia, dysuria & anuria can be treated with this.

It is recuperative taila for exhausted & over worked persons. “Mridu paka” of this taila is used for oral consumption in certain heart diseases under strict medical supervision “Nasya” with this taila cures hiccough.

Dhanvantara Taila has its application in Pre & Post- natal Care.
Pre- Delivery-
It’s massage to an expecting mother helps in reducing pregnancy related back pain, calf cramps and feet aches.
Dhanvantara Taila’s massage also helps in avoiding stretch marks as it helps tone the muscles.
Post- Delivery-
The oil helps in nourishing both the baby and the mother. It helps in increasing immunity in both.
For mothers, the oil helps in recovering from the stress of labour & tones the skin.

Dhanvantara Taila is used in treating female sterility. It is can orally and also as a vaginal douche.

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100ml., 200ml.


Massage the oil for at least 10-15 minutes to allow it to penetrate deeper into the skin and removes deposits close to the muscle. Leave on for at least 30 minutes and wash off with a mild body cleanser.

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    Perfect massage oil.

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