Vata, Pitta & Kapha

According to Ayurveda, the entire cosmos, nature and man are pervaded by three fundamental forces known as the ‘three doshas’. They control all physical functions and determine the specific dosha type. The individual distribution of the three doshas characterises the different features of our respective personalities, our likes and dislikes, our strengths and weaknesses.

If the three doshas are in their individual balance, this means that all physical functions can perform smoothly– according to Ayurveda we are then in perfect health and feel completely comfortable in our own body. However if the dosha combination is out of balance, for example because one dosha exerts undue influence over the others, then this can lead to ill health. This is why Ayurvedic texts explain which simple measures we can take to bring a dosha gently back into natural balance. Thus the body’s own natural self-healing powers are strengthened. This is traditional knowledge for holistic health.

Vata is responsible for the nervous system, breathing and all kinds of movement in the body. The elements of ether (space) and air are associated with the Vata dosha. Balanced Vata makes you feel full of energy, happy, enthusiastic and creative; the mind is calm, clear and alert.

Pita governs – among other things – digestion and body temperature. In the area of the mind, it stands for a sharp intellect and emotions. Pitta primarily consists of the fire element. When in balance, Pitta bestows contentment, energy, fluency in speech, good digestive power, correct body temperature and a clear mind.

Kapha provides the body with firmness and stability and maintains the body’s fluid balance. The elements of earth and water are associated with Kapha. A balanced Kapha gives strength, stamina, a good immune system, patience and mental stability.

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  1. H V Suman says:

    Hi myself H.V.Suman from Davangere aged about 31 years. I have a problem of Gas,indigestion ,some rashes on hand and back sometimes and sour feeling on toung and throat, and feeling hottness and but my hunger and my taste and all are good. Some said it’s Pitta to take Jeeraka Rasayana. Need a correct medicine so I m writing to you to prescribe me good medicine for my condition.

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