Madhiphala Rasayana


Madhiphala Rasayana

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A tasty preparation known to be an effective digestive, antibilious, anti-emetic. and also known to improve appetite that corrects flatulence, dyspepsia, biliousness and nausea and morning sickness.

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200ml., 500ml.

5 reviews for Madhiphala Rasayana

  1. Ashwin Jammihal (verified owner)

  2. SHIVISH S (verified owner)

    Authentic Traditional Maadhiphala Rasayanam – My 61 year old mother says “It tastes the same from the times when her father used to spoon-fed her when she was a little girl”

  3. Raja (verified owner)

  4. SHIVISH S (verified owner)

  5. SHIVISH S (verified owner)

    Quality is maintained with every bottle. Keep up the Good work!!

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