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Experience the ancient healing power of Abhayalepa’s all- natural formula.

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Abhayalepa is an ayurvedic formulation used for symptoms related to piles and haemorrohoids. It’s unique blend of ingredients are prepared in a base of ghee to provide temporary relief from itching, irritation, and inflammation caused by piles and haemorrhoids.  

Abhayalepa’s smooth texture and easy applicator enables the ointment to be applied topically on the affected area. Abhayalepa aims to soothe the affected areas and provide comfort. The results may vary for each individual.

Abhayalepa is neither a diagnostic nor a curative for piles or hemorrhoids. It is only meant to provide relief and comfort on a temporary basis. Please consult on our E- Consultation platform for proper diagnosis and personalised treatment options.

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    Will give only soothing relief Not curing.

  2. Anil Kumar b r (verified owner)

  3. Ravichandran K J (verified owner)

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