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Handloom Mask

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33 reviews for Handloom Mask

  1. Tejaswini Abhay (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Ganesh Tapadiya (verified owner)

  4. RAJESH R (verified owner)

  5. Lakshmipriya Renganathan (verified owner)

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

  7. Udaya Babu Attavar ATTAVAR (verified owner)

    Need lot of improvement

  8. Subramaniam N. (verified owner)

    Soft Cotton

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Received it free twice on placing orders. Delivered neatly packed. Very nice product. Thank you very much.

  10. Richard Lincoln Paulraj (verified owner)

  11. KRISHNAMURTHY HANDE (verified owner)


  12. Ashwin Jammihal (verified owner)

  13. Yogesh Shivanna (verified owner)

  14. Jagannath Chakravarthy (verified owner)

  15. SHIVISH S (verified owner)

  16. Vanishree (verified owner)

  17. Raja (verified owner)

  18. Ganesan R. (verified owner)

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good fit, easy elastic, double layered, soft fabric without loose strands,

  20. Gautama K K (verified owner)

  21. Praveen T M (verified owner)

    I didnt get any mask for this order.

  22. Keshava Bharadwaj (verified owner)

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

  24. Sundararaman (verified owner)

  25. CHANDRA SEKHARA SASTRY CHALLA (verified owner)


  26. SHASHIKIRAN V (verified owner)

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

  28. Geetha Harsha (verified owner)

    Very comfortable mask!

  29. LT COL SHARATH (verified owner)

  30. S n anantharam (verified owner)

  31. Parimala S (verified owner)

  32. Ramprasad (verified owner)

    Did not receive my free mask this time. The strings get cut within a few weeks and you need to improve on this.

  33. Sridhar Govind (verified owner)


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